Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Website will be colourful and will stand out so the visitor can get interested about the website., it will have headlines for each paragraph. It will talk about disasters around the world, such as : Hurricanes, Volcano Eruptions, Earthquakes, etc. I will keep a coloum on the side of the page showing the other pages you can visit. If they click on it they will go to were the link brings them. It will have a homepage, and very disaster will be divided into one page, it will have pictures and information about the Natural Disaster.

The first page will be the home page, it will talk about Natural Disasters in generel. Then there will be a colomn on the left side of the page with 3 links of the pages talking about 1 disaster in each page. Each page will have information about one certain disaster, it will also have pictures showing about it.

The second will tell about the Tsunami in Indonesia. I will give it a big and bold title that stands out, and then some information about the disaster.

The third and final page will be a picture gallery showing the people that suffered through the Tsumani and how it ended up to look like after the disaster. It will show in a more clearer way how they ended up being like.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Task 5! ;) Bad and Good Websites

Examples of BAD websites :

-Red Blood Club
This Website barely has any navigation and the colours are lame and dull, they don't match. It didn't have anyt text, only scary and ugly pictures. It was DULL. It only had a border of a man with a scary face and i couldnt even know what the middle picture was.
- The BIG Ugly Website
It had no navigatin at all, it only had links and no texts describing anything about it. The colours were yellow and black, which didnt match and was boring.
Examples Of Good Websites:

Excamples of GOOD websites:

- Juicy Couture
This Website is clear and has specific links to show thier clothing and bags etc. The writing is clear and matching. It was interesting with pictures and interesting writing origized in a neat way.
- Qatar Tourism Authority
This Website had links to the jobs and things about Qatar. It had links and pictures that was orginized in order neatly. The font was clear and nothing was blurry or bad to me.
- Harrods, London
This websites show links in order and show interesting picutres about Harrods and the shops in it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007