Tuesday, October 28, 2008

- My emerging technology is the Samsung i780 triband 3G PDA. Found in Qatar. 
- Details: 
*Short for " Peresonal Digital Assistant".
*Handheld device that combine computing, fax, telephone and networking features. 
*PDA's are also called Palmtops and Pocket Computers. 
- Uses:
* The Samsung PDA has a calender, and a planner. The calender can keep deadlines, meetings and dates. The planner can keep projects, homework and many other stuff that students tend to forget once in a while.
* Has internet connections, can replace computers in a way.
* Can be used for sending emails, work.
* You can open documents, work on the PDA's and open them on a computer for printing.
* You can keep in touch with students 24/7. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plan :)

This is my step by step plan from now to April:

*Step One:- I will sign up in Animoto to learn more about it, in order to see if it is suitable for my Emerging Technology. (Insert Picture HERE) 

*Step two:- I am going to learn more about Animoto, look at the options and applications it holds. ( Insert Picture Here ) 

*Step 3:- I will work on creating the artifacts of my emerging technology, remembering that i have to convince Mr. Hedger of entering PDA's to our classrooms. 

*Step 4:- I will begin to seperate the information into decent places where i want to present them in the video. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What tasks would it be used for? 

The Samsung PDA would be used for organizing your work for almost every lesson, talking about homework, essays, deadlines, anything that has to be done on time. It is also useful for sending emails using the school emails, and connecting to the Internet for school websites etc. Therefore, I know that the PDA is useful for every class and every grade in the school. 

Would all students need one ? 

I think that it would be better if all the students have one, from grade 6 to 12. They can learn the process of organizing their work and keeping responsibilities to keep the PDA's safe. If we cannot afford to get it for all the grades, then it can start from grade 10 and move up to grade 12. This can help the IB students make their studies easier and less complicating. It can organize their work in a way where it cannot be gone or lost. 

How could the use of technology add value or improve the lesson ? 

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Questions about my emerging technology:

What is my emerging technology?

My emerging technology is the PDA. It is short for 'personal digital assistant'. It is a handheld device that combine computing, fax, telephone, and networking features. PDA's are also called Palmtops and pocket computers.

Where will it be used and kept safely?

It can either be kept with the students to keep good care of it, or either in a store where the teachers can keep it safe. The Samsung PDA's have specific covers to prevent them from any scratches or damages [ Shown in picture below ] . 

Who will be able to use the technology?

Both students and teachers can use this technology during classes and also after for homework or any checking the teachers would like to do.

Who can they depend on keeping the PDA's safe?

They can either depend on teachers to keep them in store somewhere or with the students so they use them while doing school work at home. The chargers that come with them can be kept in a safe room at the school so the students dont tend to lose them. 

What can the PDA replace?

PDA's can replace computers since they have networking connection. They can be used in emails, homework, data keeping etc. They can also replace mobile phones, but i don't think that it would be a good thing to have PDA's with the telephone application. 

What is the purpose of having them for education ?

They can keep us organized with out work since it has a planner and calender to go with it. This can help the students with organizing their work and keeping their data saved in order to keep good track of deadlines or specific work.

How does it help the school and the people in it ?

It can help them learn from the networking connection ( Internet ) , and can organize the students work. PDA's are useful before,during and after school. What is the advantages and disadvantages of this technology?

Where can we find the technology?

You can find these PDA's in Qatar. It is found in any Samsung shop. You can also order them from out of the country, for example from the USA.

How much does it cost?

A Samsung i780 triband 3G PDA costs 2500 QR with 11 months on warranty. 

What are the benefits of this technology?

I think the students can benefit more by learning about technology. The PDA can also organize their activities, homework, assessments, attendances etc.

Why would it be suitable for the school ?

I think this is very suitable for the school, since if there is someone that needs some help in his/hers grades or organization skills, this can really make a change in them and help them alot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Emerging Technology

My emerging techonology: Mobiles


Saturday, September 13, 2008

emerging technologies in learning .. :)

How will emerging techonologies be used for learning ?



- E-learning applications

- Gaming Applications

- Modernised:

* Blogger

* Emails

* Msn Messenger

* Accounts

* Websites

* Applications

* Facebook / Flickr

* Wikispaces

* Google/Yahoo

* Microsoft

* Vista

* Skype

* Pod casting

* Peer to peer sharing

- Hardware


* Computers

* Psp's

* Play Station

* Cars

*Game boys

* Mobile Phones

* Pc based multimedia

* IT toolbox hardware

* Moodle

* Second life

* White boards

* Atomic Learning

* Del.ic.ous

Wednesday, May 28, 2008



There will be a dad[Richard] which is kind of a funny dad that likes joining his kids in naughty actions, There will also be a mom[Isabell] shes the smart one that keeps the family together and takes care of them. There will be two twins, Mike and Jason, 7 year olds that are partners in crime, and finnaly, the 14 year old daughter that is too posh to be bothered to go for a picnic[Katie].

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i have created a short comic strip which is funny and interesting.I plan on making a story on a family picnic that a family of 5 will be going on in a lovely day, and then suddenly a storm strikes and it all ends up going bad.
I think my peer should consider the quality and hard work i put in this work.

My peer should consider the detail that I put in it and the creativity.

My peer should also look for my mistakes, in order to give them to me to fix.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


For this project, I plan on using ToonDoo.com..
This can create short comics strips which are funny and interesting.
I plan on making a story on a family picnic that a family of 5 will be going on in a lovely day, and then suddenly a storm strikes and it all ends up going bad.
I am sure i will include more detail in my story than what i have explained now.
There will be a dad[Richard] which is kind of a funny dad that likes joining his kids in naughty actions, There will also be a mom[Isabell] shes the smart one that keeps the family together and takes care of them. There will be two twins, Mike and Jason, 7 year olds that are partners in crime, and finnaly, the 14 year old daughter that is too posh to be bothered to go for a picnic[Katie].
The first slide will be them preparing for the picnic at home and getting ready for everything.
The second slide will talk about the car ride that they take to their location which is a amazing garden.
The third slide will be all of them enjoying thereselfs, even Katie.
The fourth will be when the storm strikes.
The fifth will be them waiting in the car for the storm to go.
The sixth which is the last will be the storm fading away and them having fun again.
Their are many advantages in this website that i am using. One of them is that their are many charecters to choose from and they show lots of expressions.

One of the disadavanteges is that they cant move or make any kind of movement. That can probably effect the story since I would have to use very strong expression to show what theyre doing.
Links Are Attached In Next Blog Post!! :D

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today, i Have Finished my first strip, i have changed the idea and talked about a go kart race were one of the players cheats and in the end eventually loses.
i have begun on my second strip about goldilocks and the three bears, im gonna have more than 1 strip about it and i am going to try to put on more detail in order to make this story interesting for other people to visit and read.
Overall, i want to be close to finishing my story next lesson.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I plan on using toondoo.com to create a mini comic about our class, and it will be funny and exciting in order to get more viewers. I will have three settings, All of them are in classes. The first one will include Jana and mahdi.
jana Will Say ' i got a 7 in everything' since she is known for her high grades. Mahdi Will say ''123man'' since in drama, he is known for that qoute.
The second setting will show Mr. Bowe telling of mahdi, and banding him from the computers.
The second one will talk about another 6:00 detention with Mr. Sparks.
i hope this becomes entertaining for the viewers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

During this project, I plan on producing a game using Spodler. I will try to make it as eye-catching and interesting as possible in order to catch the person and make them play it. It includes this wingman that you move to get bombs, key to doors, speeders which make the wingman go faster etc.
I think it will excite the peopl in playing it, since it is easy and fun to play. It will be a game that i created using my spodler acount [ Spodler.com ]. It will be for young males and females, at about the age of 6 to 14. This game can be interesting for alot of children, It doesnt really matter about the age, its the interest that does matter. In order to make this a succes, I have to use most of the tools that Spolder offers, so I can vary it and make it look different and interesting. I think if keep going with what I am doing, all of this will end up succesfully.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today, I kept discovering and exploring the two websites that were recomeneded for animation. I realy liked the aniboom but I Toondo was more interesting and had more options. The first thing I did with Aniboom was to create a beach view with a family. After exploring Aniboom, I went to visit Toondo, I liked the fact that the animations were ready, but if they asked us to invent how our animations would look them and create them, it would propbaly be more interesting. Overall, I enjoy visiting these two websites and playing around with them.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A7mads Website is very interesting. The colours match and are very bold. I can clearly read the font, from the kind and colour.

Ahmad had used one images that are good in size, and explain alot.
The hyperlinks on ahmads website are very easy to find.

The information is useful and explains alot about Tsunamis.

The text is easy to read, the colours match, the backround had a very nice colour, of light purple.

I Think ahmads website is very orginized and explains alot about Tsunamis. It give decent information and shows unique information.

Overall, I think this website is useful and has good and matching colours.