Wednesday, March 26, 2008

During this project, I plan on producing a game using Spodler. I will try to make it as eye-catching and interesting as possible in order to catch the person and make them play it. It includes this wingman that you move to get bombs, key to doors, speeders which make the wingman go faster etc.
I think it will excite the peopl in playing it, since it is easy and fun to play. It will be a game that i created using my spodler acount [ ]. It will be for young males and females, at about the age of 6 to 14. This game can be interesting for alot of children, It doesnt really matter about the age, its the interest that does matter. In order to make this a succes, I have to use most of the tools that Spolder offers, so I can vary it and make it look different and interesting. I think if keep going with what I am doing, all of this will end up succesfully.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today, I kept discovering and exploring the two websites that were recomeneded for animation. I realy liked the aniboom but I Toondo was more interesting and had more options. The first thing I did with Aniboom was to create a beach view with a family. After exploring Aniboom, I went to visit Toondo, I liked the fact that the animations were ready, but if they asked us to invent how our animations would look them and create them, it would propbaly be more interesting. Overall, I enjoy visiting these two websites and playing around with them.