Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today, i Have Finished my first strip, i have changed the idea and talked about a go kart race were one of the players cheats and in the end eventually loses.
i have begun on my second strip about goldilocks and the three bears, im gonna have more than 1 strip about it and i am going to try to put on more detail in order to make this story interesting for other people to visit and read.
Overall, i want to be close to finishing my story next lesson.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I plan on using to create a mini comic about our class, and it will be funny and exciting in order to get more viewers. I will have three settings, All of them are in classes. The first one will include Jana and mahdi.
jana Will Say ' i got a 7 in everything' since she is known for her high grades. Mahdi Will say ''123man'' since in drama, he is known for that qoute.
The second setting will show Mr. Bowe telling of mahdi, and banding him from the computers.
The second one will talk about another 6:00 detention with Mr. Sparks.
i hope this becomes entertaining for the viewers.